What if I received a damaged coin?

You have to know that not all coins are from a perfect quality. The quality depends from the minting. Especially with UNC coins, small scratches can be visible on the coin. These coins fall from the conveyor belt directly in a large bin, together with thousands of other coins.

The quality you receive, depends 100% of the quality that has been delivered from the National Bank or Royal Mint of the concerning country. I don't clean or treat coins with products.

If you think the damage does not match the quality you bought, don't hesitate to contact me. I will always ask you a picture or a scan of the coin. If I agree that the damage is too big for the bought quality, you can return the coin and I'll replace it.

However, because damaged coins are caused during the minting, and this is not within my power, I cannot refund you the cost for the return stamp.

What is the quality of the coins offered for sale?

You can find the quality of the coin in the title of each offer.

What is Circ, UNC, BU, FDC, Prooflike, BE and Proof?

Those abreviations stand for the quality of coins. They are commonly used in the coin world. However, for euro coins, they might be a slight deviation on the default names. The information below concerns euro coins.

Circ: Circulated. Those coins are circulated and can be found during daily activities, eg during shopping.

UNC: Uncirculated. Those coins have never circulated. The coins are minted, fall of the conveyor in a box and are put in rolls. UNC coins are taken directly from those rolls.

BU: Brilliant Uncirculated. These coins are also not circulated. The coins are minted, but don't fall of the conveyor. Mostly, they are taken from the conveyor and packed or put in a folder.

FDC: Fleur de Coin. Same quality as BU.

Prooflike: The coins are minted in a very specific way. They look like a mirror.

BE: Belle épreuve. See Proof.

Proof: Those coins are also minted in a specific way, but with even more quality. This is the best quality of coins.